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Maize flour mill machine in Nigeria

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1 email on internet, 3 days in our factory , then come to a good conclusion-----50 ton per day Maize Flour Machine.

15 day production time, 25 days shipping date by PIL, 30 days installation at site , 4 years past already , nearly 5 years past , and the plant running well.

This Corn Flour Machine advantages are:

1. You may get different final products: corn flour, corn grits

2. High Yield

3. Full-auto flour packing 

You try your best to help customer, make special design suit for him, open local market with competition, get his cost back within 1 year, keep a long good cycle business---------which is our principle .

GOLDRAIN----- the one with Trade Assurance USD 200000.00 now , which is your good partner !