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Flour Milling Equipment

Grinding the grain into flour, mainly includes: wheat flour mill, Plan square sifter, Double bin Sifter, Purifier, Bran brusher, Impact detacher
  • Roller mill
    Roller mill
    It is used to grind the cereal. Our product possesses many outstanding properties as illustrated below.:  
  • Square plansiter
    Square plansiter
    Essential machines in flour production line, the FSFG series square plansifter is primarily applied to sift and grade the ground materials, and it can work as an inspection sifter.:  
  • Double bin sifter
    Double bin sifter
    sifting and classifying flour in the milling section:  
  • Bran brusher
    Bran brusher
    They are used to brush and peel bran to decrease the flour content in bran and increase extraction .:  
  • Purifier
    It is used to purify and grade the different-sized middling and semolina offered by previous plansifter for a second time, thus obtaining pure middling and semolina with improved quality and more consistent particle size distribution. Subsequently, these high-quality intermediate products will enhance the flour quality.:  
  • Impact Detacher
    Impact Detacher
    In the production of same grade powder, because of extrusion, the material extruded into sheet, if directly sifting,then affects the sieve flour extraction rate. So need to loose powder .:  

1. Roller Mill

2. Plan square sifter / Double bin Sifter

3. Purifier

4. Bran brusher

5. Impact detacher